Since my childhood I had a dream to help the needy,
children who do not have childhood, adolescents do not have projects,
and the young and not so young people have no future for your family and your children.

Throughout my life I was looking for the course, the way,
fate, until mid 2013, with the help of family and friends,
with the same heart, the same call start believing
it could, That's where the need for something to help us born
a little more growth, the power to do more, in place and the right time.

In late 2014 it born “UN NUEVO COMIENZO”, to contribute and help
in finding solutions throughout Argentina and those in need.

We have strength, passion and we believe that everyone deserves opportunities,
opportunities for a decent life, full of projects and future for our children.
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  Pereyra Lucena 1099 - Lomas de Zamora
Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel.: 011.6592.8390
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