The "FOUNDATION UN NUEVO COMIENZO" is formed as an institution
of PUBLIC GOOD in order to help find solutions to the social problems
affecting the population of the Argentine territory and shall:

A) To help improve the living conditions of disadvantaged communities in order to achieve sustainable human development, such as possible a peaceful and healthy living.

B) Convene, strengthen and advise social and community organizations working with programs and projects targeting vulnerable populations that require this support, partnering with government agencies, nongovernmental, private institutions, universities, social networks, organized communities, development of joint projects.

C) Design and project management and social benefit programs, designed to achieve individual, family and community integral human development of vulnerable populations, in coordination with territorial public policy and financed by state entities, international cooperation agencies, other states and / or private entities.

D) To disseminate and promote in various community and civic spaces respect and guarantee human rights.

E)  Develop training spaces, promotion and implementation of participatory democracy, social coexistence and the exercise of citizenship.

F) Serve as interface entity in projects and actions to influence the new policy of "Strengthening local democracy and participation of civil society in governance".


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  Pereyra Lucena 1099 - Lomas de Zamora
Provincia de Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel.: 011.6592.8390
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